Fourth Grade

Adaptive Keyboarding

This engaging and interactive app uses diagnostic exercises to provide learners with individualized touch typing practice to address areas of weakness and help improve accuracy and speed at any skill level. Learners receive badges for specific achievements during their keyboarding adventure.

Online Safety: Communicating Online and Cyberbullying

The learners receive direct instruction and practice in preventing, stopping, and not participating in cyberbullying. They will understand what cyberbullying is, its effects, types of technology used by cyberbullies, ways to stay safe online, and what to do about cyberbullying in this engaging and interactive digital lesson.

Hardware Fundamentals

During this engaging and interactive digital lesson, the learners will receive direct instruction and practice using a scanner for images or objects, saving a scanned image as a file, identifying components such as the scanning surface and scanning beam, and understanding how a scanner works.

Parent Tips

If you're considering a smartphone for your kid, you'll need to think through a few things, from who will pay for it to whether she's responsible enough to use it appropriately.

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Student Highlights

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